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General information about Svalbard

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Svalbard is a beautiful place, but students should realize that they will be travelling to a high Arctic location in mid-summer. Although there will be midnight sun, the temperature is unlikely to get above 10oC, so appropriate clothes must be worn. This is especially so for travel outside Longyearbyen. The well-known Svalbard traffic sign warning of polar bears is no joke. People travelling outside Longyearbyen must either carry a gun or travel in a group where someone carries a gun. Polar bears are bigger than you, faster than you and likely to consider you as food. Also, remember that polar bears are protected in all of Svalbard.


For information about Svalbard please go to the following sites:
SAS flies into Longyearbyen from Oslo Gardermoen and Tromsø – you are advised to book your tickets early. You can find more information in:
For flights with Norwegian from Tromsø to Longyearbyen during the period April-September, check the website: http://www.norwegian.no.
For information on transport between the airport and Longyearbyen please see:

Nearer the time of the Summer School we will provide further information on transport in Svalbard, catering facilities during the Summer School and extra-school activities (e.g. trips). We suggest lecturers/students check this website regularly.
During the Summer School, lecturers/students will be expected to walk from the place of accommodation to UNIS (about 30 minutes walk). A map of Longyearbyen can be found here.
Contact points:
William Lahoz, Norsk Institutt for Luftforskning, NILU (wal@nilu.no)
Marianne Moen, Norsk Romsenter (Marianne.moen@spacecentre.no)
Elise Strømseng, The University Centre in Svalbard, UNIS (elise@unis.no)
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